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4 Must-Know Tips That Will Ease Your Life With Braces On

Whether you are getting ceramic braces or Invisalign braces, there is no denying that this specialised dental treatment remains the most effective and efficient way of attaining your ideal smile. However, getting braces does require some adjustments to your current lifestyle. The change does take some time to get used to, […]

Dinner For Two: Perfect Date Night On A Yacht Ideas

Dinner dates are a significant part of any relationship, whether a couple is just starting on their romantic journey or have been already married for years. More often than not, these intimate engagements are held at the comforts of one’s home or high-end establishments. As such, a change of pace […]

Buddhist Funerals: The Dos And Donts During Attendance

Buddhism is one of the most followed religions in Singapore, with 33.2% of the population declaring themselves as adherents. The Buddhist doctrines emphasise on the transcending of the self through attainment of Nirvana, effectively ending the cycle of death and rebirth. Buddhists believe this is possible by following the religion’s […]