Ways And Ideas You Can Use Storage Bed Frames Creatively

The ‘Bed Frame’ is itself a broad term. It is basically a simple structure which supports a base and mattress separately. The bed frames usually vary by type and height of the bed. Some bed frames have fabric upholstery to have a softer feel, while others not. Here are some of the common types of bed frames you can consider:

Canopy – As the name suggests, it holds all four posts connected to the overhead frame. They are easy to use to hang drapes, curtains or another décor to have added privacy. They are usually crafted beautifully. Modern canopy beds are likely to be more minimalist and thinner.

Panel – We also know these as box spring beds, panel beds are made with flat wooden panels for footboard and headboard. They have side rails that hold both a base and mattress and they can be taller than other types of bed frames.

Platform – These types of bed frames have latticed or spaced metal or wooden slats, which can support a mattress without foundation or base. The reinforced support bars are usually needed for King, Queen, and California King Size beds.

Four Poster – It usually has posts, which are detachable with overhead canopy. The most common type is a four-poster bed with four taller posts, half-poster beds have taller ones, low-poster beds have shorter ones, and posts may be pointed or rounded.

Storage – These types of bed frames are platform models that have drawers on either one or both sides. They are an ideal choice for sleepers who want to free up extra space.

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